TV Style Trivia Game Show

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A unique constitutional based founding fathers trivia game show designed for the college entertainment and corporate motivational markets.

What We’re Asking For & Our Thanks To U!

We are looking to raise $100,000 in total. That will include:

  • $45,000 Mercedes 2500 Sprinter Van & wrap (last purchase because we can lease or finance the van)
  • $15,000 (12 lockout buzzers, software, controler, MC/4-4 man/face off podiums)
  • $12,000 (P.A., wireless microphones, cameras/controler, Computer, projectors, screens, scoreboards )
  • $10,000 (lights, lasers, fog machines, trussing system
  • $7,000 custom smart phone app (android,apple,windows) App is the main stay of the game show and has 7 main functions.
  1. Live Game. (To become a contestant you must answer 25 questions, the top 16 people are placed evenly on teams according to score and they come up front to play the game.
  2.  Practice Trivia (just you the phone owner answering questions)
  3.  Trivia Challenge (compete against others live for points towards BitCoin & other prizes. There is also an ad component to the app allowing us to monetize the app and cover the cost of prizes with a monthly fee to go ad free)
  4. Auction Site: Allowing you to sell your prizes or other items at auction and having them paid for in BitCoin
  5.  Complete Constitution and Declaration of Independence along with links to the Federalist Papers and other important documents and resources.
  6.  instant web page/email & phone access to your Representative, Senator, Governor, State Rep, Mayor and Sheriff. Just type in your zip.
  7. Online Constitution classes (This would give app users access to Hillsdale College online Constitution classes.)
  • $5,000 in base prizes (T shirts, Backpacks, water bottles, etc.)
  • $2,500 Marketing and promotional materials
  • $2,500 Props, costumes

Our Thank YouWhen you make that decision to help us re-educate Americans on the Constitution we would like to offer you each a special thanks.

  • First, every person that helps make this possible will
  • If we do not raise all the funds needed we will spend on the Smart phone app first.The app is the item that makes our game show stand apart from the others.. The actual game components will be next along with the controllers and software. The shows presentation and staging will follow. The van will be the last purchase.

The Impact YOU Can Be A Part Of:

As I’ve traveled the United States bringing educational entertainment to all grades Kindergarten through College, I have noticed that very few teachers and even fewer students know much if anything about the constitution, the founding fathers, the circumstances around the founding or the type of men the founding fathers were.

I set out to make a difference in this and to help bring a good knowledge of the Constitution back to the educational system. I researched the studies made by dozens of Universities speanding millions oft ax payers money and what I found was amazing…………..  SCHOOL IS BORING!!!

If you can make learning FUN… learning is fast and exponential. So compiling that research and the one device every student has that distracts them from learning and this Game show is what i came up with. This Game Show is my way to do this Re-Education and it can be yours too!

I have put together a small team to bring this show to market. We have selected a name for this Game Show that on its own brings people to their knees in Laughter. We are in the process of getting trademarks and other legal protection and will announce the name when the legal work is completed. But please rest assured, it’s very funny.

If you can help us bring this game show to market you will be part of instilling an understanding and appreciation for just how important the Constitution is to mankind and how rare this kind of personal human freedom throughout mans history.

With a Government who is constantly pushing to limit our freedoms in the name of security and turning the education system upside down with untested concepts,  we need to teach our children and our peers, why the Constitution was created, so we can help them understand why it is still needed today. Once they understand the Constitution they can see how we can use this great system outlined in the constitution to restore our lost freedoms for us and for the enjoyment of our grand kids, their grand kids and the future hopes for this entire planet.

In my 15 years of entertaining schools I have been part of bringing many shows to market and working out the bugs on the initial tours and this project would be no different. I have the booking agency where I currently contract for excited to hit the phones and start selling this show, I also have another personal friend who runs the personnel dept for another booking agency and they want authorization to book this show also.

We are currently in communications with Hillsdale College in an effort to utilize them as the authors of our questions and historical content.They are a recognized authority on the Constitution and the founding fathers and the historical context it was written under and we felt having them on board would lend the needed credibility and proof this was a serious educational tool as well as an extremely fun way to learn while winning cash and prizes.

I am on the edge of my chair thinking about how perfect the timing is for bringing this show out right now. There is a large liberty movement growing and this will bring that desired knowledge to the students getting ready to take on the world and corporate America who is taking it on now. The time is right and you can be a major part of it.

Please help us bring this into being!

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that some people just can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. The best way is to think of anyone you know who is:

  • involved in politics or Gov’t
  • has a blog and will include us
  • has media contact they can call upon to mention us
  • pro 2nd Amendment
  • Survivalist or hunter
  • a teacher or history buff
  • a wealthy friend or relative who donates to the arts or education

If you know any of those people send them to our information and ask them to help us re-educate America on the Constitution and our founding fathers.

  • Remember to use the Indiegogo share tools right here on the page and tell your social media contacts about us!

Any little bit you do could be what helps us go viral and make our quest a success.